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A monthly box with everything you need to learn & practice calligraphy - including video lessons & practice sheets & materials!

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  • Select at the checkout if you are a beginner & your first box will include everything you need to get started
  • Suitable for left handed writers!


  • We design detailed lessons & products that will help you improve leaps & bounds each month!
  • Every box is different!

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  • We will ship your first box straight away
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Iā€™m a newbie to calligraphy but the lessons seem thorough, detailed and I love the little details and thought put into everything. But I especially like the way the packaging is done as the sleeve comes off the box and the box is completely blank so easily usable as a box to send something in yourself which I think is amazing, same with the tissue paper inside , all easily reused. More companies need to package this way. Well done for being reuse friendly šŸ™ŒšŸ»


Kirsty, 23rd Feb 2020

23rd Feb 2020

The Calligraphy Box Scheme is brilliant. You don't realise how much there is to learn. From reading the booklet in the box and doing the practice and then watching the Webinar it helps you improve your calligraphy so much each month. Waiting for the next box is so exciting too and each one is presented perfectly. You feel part of a group all learning together and Jenni is so friendly and helpful and her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. I would highly recommend subscribing to the Calligraphy Box. It is enjoyable and for regular monthly tuition is real value for money.

Subscribe to the Calligraphy Box now, it's great!

Linda E, 20th Feb 2020

It's good to have a structured plan to follow when you're learning and I found the content in this box very clear and easy to follow and beautifully set out. It's something that would be a lovely present for a friend/family member at such a difficult time. Jenni is also very quick to respond to emails and very helpful! :)

really enjoyed the beginners box

Jess, 3rd April 2020

3rd April 2020

I'm really enjoying my beginner experience remotely with Jenni! Products are high quality and Jenni's responses to questions are very prompt. The link to review the live session is great for 'revision'!

Beginner experience

6th Feb 2020

Margaret, 6th Feb 2020

As a self taught calligrapher of 4 years I always want to further my skills. I had been following Jenni on Instagram for a while before the boxes were released as I had admired her brilliant penmanship... I took leap as she is such a talented calligrapher. The very first box included way more content than I could have anticipated... The box included new things for me and unexpectedly delved into flourishing which is a personal weak point. There are plenty of examples to keep you busy and everything is so clearly and beautifully presented. I would recommend this to anyone that has a passion for calligraphy or wants to learn something new. I certainly wish this was around when I first picked up a dip pen! Thank you Jenni!

Definitely recommend these!

6th Feb 2020

Angela, 6th Feb 2020

Are you a Beginner?

Don't worry, if you are a beginner then you can select this option at the checkout. This will mean that the first box that you receive will be a specially created beginner's box which will have everything you need to get you started including a workbook, basic strokes exercises, fundamentals, positioning, penholder and black ink. Our boxes are suitable for lefties too!