June 18, 2024

Right or left handed? – Top tips for the perfect set up

Have you ever struggled with your calligraphy strokes? Chances are its because of your positioning. This blog post with answer all your questions for your set up, regardless of your dominant hand. Learning the correct positioning can be challenging at first, but below, you’ll find our top tips crafted to help you effortlessly achieve elegant and refined calligraphy.

Top Tips for Left-Handed Calligraphy

  1. Get Comfortable: Start by placing your left hand on the table with the majority of your forearm resting comfortably. This position provides stability and reduces strain.
  2. Position the Paper: Place your paper under your writing hand and rotate it clockwise until the nib of your pen points towards the top-right corner of the paper. Avoid adjusting your hand position; instead, rotate the paper to find the optimal angle. This adjustment prevents awkward wrist angles and discomfort.
  3. Prevent Smudging: Ensure the base of your hand is positioned below the baseline of the line you’re writing on. This positioning helps avoid smudging the ink as you write.
  4. Adjust Paper Angle: Depending on your wrist’s natural angle, you may need to rotate the paper more than what’s initially shown. Experiment with different angles to find what feels most comfortable and allows for smooth strokes.

Top Tips for Right-Handed Calligraphy

Proper setup is crucial for improving your calligraphy. Sit close to the desk with one foot flat on the floor, opposite your writing hand (e.g. left foot for right-handed writers), for stability and better posture. Hold your pen near the nib with your fingertips and rest your forearm on the table.

Keep your elbow slightly off the table edge. Adjust the paper counter clockwise so the nib points towards the top right-hand corner to minimize strain and achieve smoother strokes.

Choosing the Right Pen

If you often find yourself adjusting the paper angle, switching to an oblique pen may help. While both straight and oblique pens have their merits, an oblique pen can enhance comfort and improve your overall writing experience. Our Moblique Pens, available in various colours on our online shop, are versatile — they can be used as both straight and oblique pens. This flexibility allows you to personalize your writing tool while ensuring maximum comfort and optimal performance.

Mastering calligraphy positioning is key to gaining confidence and skill, regardless of your dominant hand. By applying these strategies and exploring different setups, you can improve your calligraphy abilities and make writing a more rewarding endeavour. Calligraphy is an art form that anyone can enjoy, regardless of which hand you write with, and we hope this blog encourages you to enhance your skills with confidence.

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